I’m sweating I’m so excited. He has this new project going on where he has people call and tell their stories of struggle which then he will take and in about two weeks he will write them all down creating a huge work of art. So on his Facebook page he left his actual cell number out there for people to call. Since yesterday I have been trying to get through. Every time the line was busy. I took today off from school, and right as I woke up I got a message that he is answering phones again. So why not try again. And on the first try HE ANSWERED!! I TALKED TO PHIL HANSEN OVER THE PHONE. I hate being one of those fan girls that’s like “OMMGEEMARRYME! I LOVE YOU” but no, I’m a bit more composed than that. Though I do love him and think he is an absolutely amazing artist making such a great impact on the art community by tying so much meaning into his art. Anywaysss, he asked if the number that I was calling off of was my cell and if he could text it when he’s writing out my story(: so in about two weeks, when I get the text from Phil, I’m dropping everything I’m doing and getting to a computer.

Just thought I needed to share this. It felt so amazing to get it out there. Though my story isn’t much, and people have so many more meaningful, life changing events, it still a daily struggle of mine which I’ve been battling with for almost seven years now. This is the year it comes to an end and that moment of telling Phil…and everyone that was on ustream…was the pivotal moment of making it finalized.

Man, I feel fucking amazing.